Work Field
Jirpac hires very well trained and experienced staff each in the job assigned to him. We own our own trucks besides Jirpac's affiliation with three trucking companies that can provide us immediately with all kinds of trucks and trailers. We have customs brokers at all borders, sea port, airport, free zones and at the borders of surrounding countries. We deal with the major shipping lines and airlines for out bound shipments. We also transport shipment to  surrounding countiers of the Gulf area, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq by Land
JIRPAC is specialized in the following work fields:
Packing of Household Goods, Personal Effects and General Cargo:
Our packing crew is trained and experienced in packing and handling any type of cargo. With their experience and the Know – How, Our packing crew will make sure that your goods will arrive to your residence in the same condition as they pack it. The materials used are the best available in the market and allocated in the maximum efficiency. Our packing products used, varies from carton boxes with different sizes, plastic wrapping, bubble wrapping, carton sheets and the best wood available according to the international standards.
Storage and distribution:
JIRPAC owns there warehouses in a very convenient area around Queen Alia International Airport.
Our warehouses are 2000 sq. mts. and a height of 6 meters with an open storage area of 5000 sq.m. These warehouses are built on a land with a total area of 11,000 sq.m.
Within this area we have offices for the company and a guard house. These facilities are secured, fenced, guarded 24/7 and equipped with alarms and fire fighting systems. These warehouses are fully insured to cover fire, theft and earthquakes.

We are able to distribute any kind of merchandise as well as Household goods from our warehouses to be delivered to any place within Jordan or neighboring countries. We use our own closed trucks or with affiliates regarding bigger shipments upon requirements.
JIRPAC is also specialized in the relocation business within Jordan.
We move household goods, personal effects as well as offices and firms. We moved diplomatic consulates, banks, insurance firms, shipping companies, telecommunications, USAID Projects and many other types of businesses.

Customs Clearance:
JIRPAC has affiliations and contract with one of the best clearing company in Jordan. We handle the clearance for outgoing and incoming consignments by air, sea and land. We handle shipments at all borders and customs points covering the whole country.
Freight Forwarding:
For the past 30 years, JIRPAC established a very strong relationship with the major carrier companies operating from Jordan. For air freight shipments we use only the major and reliable airliners that can reach any airport around the globe. For sea freight shipments, we are able to cover all the major port all around the world due to the affiliation we have with the biggest International shipping Lines operating out of Jordan.

Upon the client’s requests, outgoing shipments via sea, air and land can be insured while In Transit. Our insurance will cover the shipment from the time it leaves our warehouses until it is delivered to its final destination. Our warehouses are covered by an annual Insurance Policy as well.